LaRue Ultimate 7.62/.260/6.5CM Upper Kit

SKU: LT-013

LaRue Ultimate Upper 7.62 / .260 / 6.5 Creedmoor Kit

For all you quality conscious 7.62 / .260 / 6.5 Creedmoor do-it-yourselfers, our new Big Block upper kit is the absolute pinnacle of Ultra-Precision.

For you wannabe quality conscious 7.62 / .260 / 6.5 Creedmoor do-it-yourselfers, this Big Block kit will be awesome to cut your AR assembly teeth on.

For years we've offered and sold thousands of our complete 7.62 and .260 rifles. And this Big Block kit's innards are just like our Ultra-Precision, world renowned 7.62 and .260 offerings. Same nut-bustin'-gorgeous LaRue chrome bolt carrier group with all of it's ultra-cool features that I slipped into it. Same awesome competition-winning Ultra-Precision LaRue barrels. Same crazy close tolerances on the inside of the billet-machined Upper Receiver. A LaRue MBT trigger is in the box too. Handguard mates up like it's a monolithic upper, but it's better, because it comes apart for easy barrel swaps. I could go on and on, but I'll give it a rest.

Be undaunted - our rifle techs are standing by the phones to answer any and all of your questions - 512-259-1585

I had the good sense to send one of our 6.5 Grendels based off our Small Block Ultimate Upper Kit to an author of the 6.5 Grendel Reloading manual, the last word on reloading the 6.5 ... here's what he had to say ... and you can expect the same quality-conscious, attention to detail in the Big Block Kit as we bestowed in the small block kits.


"There are many little details about the LaRue Stealth 2.0 that I have been noticing as I dig around this rifle.

If it were just a billet AR with a nice receiver set and quality barrel, you probably wouldn't see me posting much about it. Silence would be more telling than signal.

Everything is Top Dead Center and aligned, starting from the detent on the buttplate of the RAT stock (which removes to expose the cleaning kit sleeves), all the way to the ports on the Tranquillo brake.

The handguard rail aligns perfectly with the upper rail, which I've not ever seen on forged receiver builds even with the best after-market handguards out there.

Aluminum billet receivers and handguard were anodized before being Cerakoted FDE, and the color match across the furniture and aluminum is very uniform.

I haven't spent this much time pawing over an AR in many years, and am truly appreciative of the thought and workmanship that went into this rifle from the perspective of someone who has studied this industry since childhood.

There is a lengthy list of features based on improved functionality like the gas tube ferrule (gizmo), the MBT-2S trigger, along with an extreme passion for fit between all the parts, with intelligent design woven into the components. The flats on the Tranquillo brake are nice, and the supplied wrench doubles as a barrel nut and brake wrench with jaws for both on it. I really like this rifle."

What’s in the box:
LaRue Stealth 3.08 Upper Receiver with dust cover installed
LaRue Stealth 3.08 14.5" Handguard with Barrel Nut and Barrel Nut Wrench
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle
LaRue Chrome Bolt Carrier Group
LaRue Barrel and A2 Flash Hider
LaRue Gas Block and Gas Tube
LaRue RAT Stock with RAT Rod Kit
LaRue LT629-10 Receiver Extension Tube, Castle Nut, Latch Plate, Super Duty Chrome Silicon Buffer Spring and H2 Buffer
LaRue LT-TAC Trigger Action Chassis with APEG grip, safety, and LTMBT-2S Trigger installed
Lower Parts Kit (all remaining springs, pins and detents to complete out your stripped lower)
One LaRue Tactical 20-Round 762 Magazine (if allowed by state law)
Index Clips

Make Sure You Check Your State Laws Before Purchasing

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